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Being Ageless

The number one killer in the world is dying! Some people still think that dying is something that happens to them, suddenly, without warning. I'm talking about the dying that happens on your two feet, the consciousness of age and aging, the acceptance of death as inevitable, the measurement of age and the resulting discrimination. I'm talking about the passive acceptance of hideous accidents as "acts of God", of aging and death as the natural course of events, of violent crimes as a way of life. This is the number one killer.

I don't want to be an accident of death. Old age is not uncontrollable. It's the biggest accident. It's a collision in living that shatters the human flesh. Get out of that collision course.

We need to stop thinking in terms of young and old. Our goal is not to recapture our youth. We need to speak of freshness and agelessness. We need to not be concerned with what it is to be old, and what it is to be young: this is what it means to be ageless. You just want to be so alive. You feel physically immortal. When somebody asks you how long you plan to be on the planet, and what you are going to look like, you know you're going to look and feel better all the time. You are sure of your destination in your own body.

What it takes is an awakening in the body that goes beyond just protest. People haven't wanted to come totally awake and really do something about death. This is why the feeling of being forever ageless is so important. To wake up totally you need to feel yourself physically immortal. Feel it, then begin to speak it. Even when the questions come up in your own mind, I want you to feel such a passion for living that you intimidate death rather than it intimidating you.

We can't evolve to immortality. We can't try to get there. We need to be with other bodies that mean business, and to join in with them and do something together on this planet. Nothing matters other than this real togetherness, this inseparable bond that stirs each other, and gives that feeling to one another of being awake and alive. I love to have fun but social immortality is not enough. You have to have people that mean business with you now.

Keep Charles, Bernadeane and myself fresh in the world. Keep me ageless in your body. It's important that you feel me that way. Let me feel you that way. Let me feel you ageless. There is no mortal or immortal living, there are just our bodies.

I'm not concerned with physical immortality. What I'm concerned about is anything that could take you away from me. I am here for you to open up your body as you have never opened up before, to see and know a living that you have never known. We show each other ways of moving that we've never even been able to dream before. Some say, "This is the living I have always dreamt of!" Great - now let's go for what you haven't dreamt of! Let's go for things beyond our imaginations.

Begin to image yourself ageless, to see your flesh that way. Become new and fresh every moment. Move in a new and fresh way with each person. There is a new movement that is to happen: music that's never been heard before, plays that have never been seen before, acting that's never been done before. Imagine expressions that have never been conceived before. Make it physical with each other.

I don't care whether you believe in physical immortality or not. I want you with me. I want you to have a passion that wants me on this planet forever. I want you to feel a passion for me that goes beyond your measurements, beyond your doubts, beyond your fears.

You cannot work for peace and prepare for war simultaneously. You cannot feel physically immortal right now while you simultaneously prepare for a death that you think is inevitable. I want every person on this planet to stop dying right now! I'm not trying to evolve to that place where everyone can be physically immortal - it's what l am moving for right now. I am not working for physical immortality and preparing for more death too. I am moving with everything I have to stop death right this moment!

There is no in-between. If you don't have that feeling and passion for me to be here forever, if you have to get to know me first, then that means you'll have to get to know every person on this planet. You'll have to wait and see if their personality fits with yours before you will know whether you want them to live forever.

I don't have time to wait! I want every human being to be here forever, and I want it right now! It starts with us. It starts with you and me having that passion for each other. It's not a new message for the world, not a new philosophy, not another belief system that tells people they have to do something in a certain way, not a new religion to fight for.

It's our passion for one another. That's the new virus we are spreading. It's biological, and it's contagious. We're giving everything we've got to being alive this moment. We are moving, touching and living right now.


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