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It is so important to be sure of yourself. You have to be sure you're not going to die. Otherwise, there's no real solidness about you. You're still split in your own person. You're only partly here. You're nebulous.

But once you make the decision that you're going on, then you're solid. You're solid with yourself and you're solid with me - even if you do still have a few fears.

When Fear Strikes

Once you make a decision, as an individual, that you're living - no matter what it looks like - it's not uncommon for all your fears to come up. Most of the time these are fears you've inherited from your ancestry: fear that you might go insane, fear that you might have a heart attack, fear that you might lose your sex drive.

When you make a decision that you're going to be sexually potent - no matter what - then you've lived through impotency. When you make a decision that you're going to be sane, even through your insanity, then you're never going to die of insanity. When you make a decision to live, then you're never going to give yourself a reason to die.

The same holds true for sickness and aging. You can't let yourself be haunted by the fears anymore. Otherwise, instead of welcoming the new day, you reach a time when you dread getting up each morning. You become afraid to look in the mirror. You start to see signs that time is passing you by. When you were a child, you couldn't wait for morning to come. Now you hear yourself saying, "Oh, my God, it's morning already."

It's so ironic. The very people who say they don't care about living forever, who maintain that it doesn't mean that much to them, are the same ones who are worried all the time that life is passing them by. They're petrified. All they've learned to do is cover it up, to mask their fears.

This is what I experience: we who have made the decision to live are the most confident people on the face of the earth. I want to tell you something: no one who's dying is comfortable. They've only learned to suppress their fears, to hide their discomfort. They only speak of the dread they're experiencing to their spouse, or to their shrink. It's there - you just never get to hear it.

Make Yourself At Home

So you think all these people are comfortable, but they're not. And you're feeling uncomfortable, because you're so different from everyone else. So where does this feeling of comfort come from? How do you get it?

You can't be comfortable until you make a decision that you're here to stay. Once you decide this, you inherit the earth. Then you can be the most comfortable person on this planet. Until then, you're just visiting.

This is my home. I'm here to stay. I've made that decision. I had to decide that, in spite of all the fears, I'm not going to let anything stop me. It's not complicated - it's that simple.

You might say you don't know if you're that strong of a person. This doesn't have anything to do with strength. This has to do with you. I'm not talking about survival of the fittest. I'm talking about you making a decision that nothing is going to stop you.

The Martyr Syndrome

Some of you aren't really sure about yourselves. You talk a good story, but you aren't really sure about yourself being here forever. We talk a lot about having a quality of life. Perhaps you think that, as long as you're giving to a quality of life, then you'll be a host for immortality. Maybe you won't experience being here forever, but at least you will have made a contribution to it.

Do you have unanswered questions in your own body? Are you ready, from this day forward, to do whatever it takes to begin to spend time with your body, and to prevent illnesses from taking place? You must make the decision that nothing is going to stop you from living. There's an agreement that happens with one another, an agreement that builds our immune systems, an agreement that will prevent anything from happening to your flesh.

Many people have strong tendencies toward martyrdom, tendencies they have inherited from their religious upbringings. They feel it is noble to sacrifice their lives, as Jesus did. They've been programmed to think it's the greatest love they can give anyone. And so they crucify themselves, always giving to someone else but keeping themselves drained, never really taking care of themselves.

If you're suffering from this martyr syndrome, then you're not really giving out to people as I need for you to. You're not coming from the place of the wholeness or the fullness of what you feel about your own life. You're training other people to do the same thing you're doing, sacrificing yourself for other people. This is not what we're about. We can't be people who sacrifice ourselves for other people. We've got to be physical.

Attitude and Health

Your attitude toward yourself is so important. You can eat right, and you can follow all the latest rules about taking care of your body-but if you don't have a good feeling about yourself, then none of these actions will make the difference for you. I'm not saying that eating the right foods and taking vitamins won't benefit you. I'm saying that the top priority is for you to value yourself as a person. If you have that, then everything else will follow.

Everything is connected. If you feel good about yourself, then you will automatically want to eat well. If you don't feel good about yourself, then you won't take very good care of your body.

You see, I'm not the world's greatest expert on nutrition - but I am the world's greatest expert on me. Each of you has to be an authority on yourself. Doctors can be great specialists in their fields, but they won't specialize in you. You have to be the expert on you, and then you draw from the doctor the knowledge you need to make intelligent decisions. You have to feel so good about yourself that you take care of your body as no one else can. And in this, you're open to listening to things that others have to say.

Some people feel that they just can't give up the foods they love, those "junk foods" they're so fond of. Do you know that tastes are acquired? Let's get intelligent. You can love food that's not junk, if you give yourself to it.

If I eat a paiticular food that's wrong for me, then I can feel it. I can feel what it's doing to my body, so l have to readjust.

Some of you probably have the sin syndrome. You've sinned, and you're already condemned, so there's no use in trying to change it now. You just keep shoveling that same old food into you. You can't change it, so you just keep up the pattern. It all comes back to attitude.

I'm not going to tell you what to eat or not to eat. There are many good books available that you can use as a guide. Many times you can heal things going on in your body without seeing a doctor. Other times, seeing a doctor may be the quickest way to heal what's going on. I can't tell you what's best for you. Get in touch with yourself.

The amazing thing is that many people won't expend the energy to go get a book to help themselves. They won't invest in their bodies, yet they talk about living forever. They believe in immortality, but they're ignoring their bodies.

People put all kinds of energy into their work, into watching TV, but they aren't willing to put energy into their own bodies. There's a huge human block when it comes down to people treasuring their flesh and taking care of it. There's an attitude involved in these things I'm speaking about. There's an attitude to have of who you are in the world, of who we are together.

I'll tell you something: this world is going to be shifted by people who have changed their own bodies. If you aren't an example - if you haven't closed all the doors to death yourself - then you won't move other people to change. You won't have an impact on them.

If you've made a decision to be here all the way, then you're the most sure person on the planet. You're the most confident person on the planet. Hey, I want you walking around with an attitude. I've got immortal attitude. Get serious with it. Take on the attitude.

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