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Physical Immortality and Living

Physical immortality means changing everything

When you are physically immortal, living is different. It's not possible to be physically immortal and live the same mortal patterns or attitudes. If you want different results you have to change, and if you want to live forever you have to be willing to change everything.

This is one of the reasons why many people who are interested in living forever pursue a scientific solution - they're hoping that they won't have to significantly change their life-style or attitude. They seem to be quite content with the idea of society and everyone else continuing to progress the way they always have - just as long as they can live longer. They may well, of course, assume that any necessary changes will be taken care of as people do live longer - a, "we'll cross that bridge when we come to it" attitude. Judging by how society has handled the increase in life expectancy so far, I think that's wishful thinking.

There are extrapolations of how society might evolve if humans lived for an indefinite length of time. Many of these originate in science fiction and most all of them assume the outcome would be negative - largely because they never extrapolate a true change in human behaviour. All future scenarios are based on the assumption that humanity itself, let alone any other species, will be just as divided, self-serving, self-centered and locked into their respective belief systems as we are today.

It's as if the belief that people can't change is just as strong as the belief that people have to die.

They may write about the coming together of nations to form a "World Federation" or even a coming together of peoples and planets throughout the universe to form "Galactic Federations", but they are always at best fragile alliances. They are either essentially "good", constantly trying to compromise to meet the disparate demands of the member states or worlds: or essentially "evil" - repressive and corrupt, breading dissention and rebellion. In other words, they're portrayed as being just like the societies we have always had. The authors revel in taking huge leaps with their imaginations when it comes to technological advances, yet seem barely willing to hop when it comes to exploring possible advances in human togetherness or behavior. (For a more positive scenario, check out this article.)

Similarly, in the human development field, we are encouraged to make huge leaps to improve our prosperity, our relationships, our health. We are urged to awaken the giant within or harness the mind-body connection, but although many coaches say you are unlimited, they stop short at suggesting that this means you can live for an unlimited length of time. The systems and programs offered are not designed to create either the attitude or the environment for physical immortality - their priority is for YOU to make the most of YOURSELF.

Living physical immortality requires a different priority - each other.

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