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Physical Immortality and Intimacy

Physical immortality is essential for real intimacy . . .

. . . and real intimacy is essential for physical immortality.

People who have no interest in physical immortality, who have no interest in living forever, are basically saying that at some point - and they don't take responsiblity for when - not only are they going to leave you but they INTEND to leave you (because if they don't want to live forever they intend to die - no matter how much they may pursue longevity or good health). Now, why would anyone want to become really attached to, or really intimate with someone who they know is intending to leave them?

If someone said to you, "I'm going to be with you totally for two weeks and then I'm going to leave you", how intimate do you think you'd be willing to be with them? How about if they said, " . . . for four years . . .". or, " . . . for ten years . . ."? Why would it be any different if they said, "I'm going to be with you totally for the rest of my life and then I'm going to die"? How can you feel free to give your all to someone under any circumstance where there's a clear end in sight? You can't. People make the best of what they're willing to accept. Either because they don't know any better or because they're not willing, or are too afraid, to do what it takes to have something different. And just to be clear, having sex with someone is not necessarily being intimate with them. Many people use sex as a substitute for intimacy or to give themselves the illusion of it, while others use it merely for self-gratification and have no interest in intimacy at all.

It seems to me the whole point of being with other people is to have something greater moment by moment together than you would have if you weren't together. And if you have that, then there'd be no reason not to be together, there'd be no reason to stop being with each other and there'd be no reason to want it to end. There'd be no reason to ever have to be without each other. That's real intimacy. That's where true joy is. That's the basis of physical immortality. Having such a feeling with other people that you can't leave each other - ever!

I have been asked:

"Who would settle for a mediocre moment, if one knew that it were to be the last one?"

"Who would knowingly say bitter, cruel words, if one knew that those words were the last to be heard?"

"Who could sleep at night, with anger festering in the bed between two lovers, if one knew that awakening the next morning were not a possibility?"

My answer was:

"The truth is - probably no one. The point is, though, that people ignore those possibilities until the reality of them is right in front of their faces. People don't take responsiblity for knowing when they're going to die, so they don't think in those terms until they're faced with the reality of taking their last breath, or watching the last breath of a loved one.

To my mind it's not good enough to wait until you know it's your last moment, or your last words with someone, or your last night with them. You need to treat people with the respect and care they deserve not because they or you are going to die, whether imminently or otherwise, but simply because that's what they deserve.

The truth is that unless you make the choice to live forever, then any moment could be your last - whether you are willing to accept that or not. Everyone who lives with the belief that death is inevitable lives with that possiblity, they just don't want to face it - largely I suspect, because they don't think they can do anything about it. So, whether it's in the forefront of their consciousness or buried deep, that knowledge, not only of their own death but of others', influences every decision and action they take. And this is why, consciously or unconsciously, people don't want to get really intimate - someone liking them or loving them is irrelevant if either of them is dead."

To the left are a few articles that illustrate how physical immortality and intimacy are not only inevitably linked but also make living forever with others, a better, more joyful way of being.

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