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Physical Immortality and Death

The opposite of death is not physical immortality

Most people think of death as being inevitable. That if they are lucky enough to avoid a fatal accident, violent interaction or disease they will eventually wear out and just not wake up. You may argue that that is how it's always been. Why though, does that mean that that's how it always has to be? Every step in human progress has occurred because someone somewhere asked why? And then proceeded to prove wrong whatever answer they received.

People think of death and life as opposites, but if all you're doing is living until you die, then they're not opposites - they're both death, just different stages of it. Neither is physical immortality the opposite of death. To be physically immortal you have to step outside of the life-death cycle all together. And if you're not living physical immortality now, then you ARE living in that life-death cycle - which is not really living, you're just passing time.

On the left are a few articles showing how death is so integrated into our lives and how unaware of that most of us are.

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