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Different Views on Physical Immortality

Immortality is not necessarily physical immortality

Although there appear to be several different approaches to physical immortality, very few seem concerned with you staying here in your existing body - forever.

(There are all kinds of reasons why people don't want to live forever, or think of it, almost, as anti-society - visit the Questions page for some of them.)

Many people promote different forms of life extension, but only if death by disease, accident or violence doesn't catch up with you. Others talk about humans becoming little more than biological computers, while still others think that dying, having your head chopped off and frozen, is a viable path to physical immortality - I guess it must depend on what your definition of physical immortality is.

The word "immortality" on its own is quite often used as a way of fudging the issue. "Immortality" is used to cover all forms of "living forever" or "eternal life": Dying and going to a different dimension as a spiritual or energy being; Dying and being reincarnated in a different form or a different body; Indefinite life extension - where your life is prolonged by some form of scientific/medical discovery - until you die. At some level or other, "immortality" includes death sometime along the way. This is why "physical" immortality is such a controversial subject which many people shy away from even thinking about, let alone discussing. It means not dying - ever! And that doesn't compute in a death-oriented world.

Being physically immortal, however, doesn't mean you can't die, it means you have the opportunity not to. But if you really want to live forever, you'd better be willing to do whatever is necessary to take the death out of your life every day - in whichever area of your life it raises it's ugly head. This is why physical immortality isn't a belief, it's a living and requires constant action. And this is why a constant interaction with other physical immortals is vital. You need other people who feel you to be so essential that when they see the death in you that you can't, they'll do whatever they can for you to walk free from it and live greater.

To the left are links to articles from people who have not only expressed their desire to live forever, but have been, or are, actively promoting the living of "physical" immortality - either as a possibility or a reality.

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