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The top six reasons to be physically immortal

1  Death Sucks

Death sucks because it's painful. It's painful to die. And death doesn't happen when your heart stops beating, it happens before. The physical body suffers in death on a daily basis.

Society tries to make death look pretty. It tries to make it look attractive because of the belief that it's inevitable. It's a vicious circle. If we left every person killed in a car accident where they lay, didn't clear them up, left them all in the streets, would that be pretty?

It's also lonely to die. You die alone. It doesn't matter how many loved ones you surround yourself with, when you die it's only you doing it.

And it's these daily doses of death we deal with that eventually kill us - that and the belief that we have to die. Assume your immortality and you'll find living is easier. And when you live surrounded by people who really care about you, who want you to live as much as you want to live, it makes it possible to eliminate the daily suffering that leads to death and makes physical immortality not only possible, but attractive, exciting and fun.

2  You don't have to leave your money to your kids

We all love our families, they brought us into the world and it's a strong connection. And that's where the pain of death is felt the strongest. That's where we feel the pain the most, when it's family. People die all the time and we don't experience it the same way. Wouldn't you rather have your parents than their things or their money? Wouldn't you rather have your kids live?

Choose to be physically immortal, to live an unlimited life, and your kids can enjoy you now and forever, should they choose to stay alive with you. Give them the inheritance of you, alive and vibrant.

3  You don't have to wait to go to heaven

We make our own heaven here on Earth and we want to project it beyond to some other dimension because we can't sometimes face what it takes to make a heaven here. Why can't we have heaven here on Earth? Why do we have to die to go to Heaven? Heaven is just one of the myths we've made up to make the inevitability of death less final.

But you don't have to wait to go to heaven, you don't have to wait to have the life you really want, you can create it right now. You can be physically immortal now. You don't have to wait and make sure to do everything perfect so you can go to heaven. Why not stay in a physical reality you know for certain exists and clean it up so you'd want to stick around?

4  You can live as many lives as you want without having to die

You can die off to an old life while standing on two feet. You die out to an old life that you're tired of. Some people become so tired of their life they give up on it, not realizing they can have another life without having to die, by staying alive and changing. Being willing to change, being willing to realize that real living is full of changes.

Don't get caught up in how old you are, how many years you've been here. It's not about being old it's about being ageless and there's always changes and ways you can change yourself - new experiences, new adventures. Being physically immortal you don't dread a next year coming along you look forward to every year that's coming because you know you can change.

Physical immortality is the ability to change, the ability to constantly look forward. You can birth yourself new all the time. Want to change. Want more aliveness, more prosperity, more of everything.

5  You can love without loss

We all have an innate desire to really love deep. Most people fear loving deep because of the loss, because they're going to lose that person. Either they're going to lose them to something or someone else or they're going to die.

To really love deep, we've got to end our worst enemy – death, the great separator. We need to look at what we need to lose, not to live in a fear of loss but so we can look forward to it going. You only lose what you can lose. But there's a self-respect where you're not constantly chasing down people, love, business or money. When you're living without limitations, you're not in desperation, you're not in survival. You're drawing what's yours. You take the death out of everything. You take death out of love. You experience how to live and love deep.

6  You can put all your energy into living instead of dying

There's so much in our everyday life that is connected to death and dying. And when you wake up to being physically immortal you see it. That's when you begin to realize who you really are as a vast person and your energy becomes focused on living. Most people prepare themselves for death, right from the time they're born.

Is physical immortality possible? Not if you're putting most of your energy into dying. You have to change the dynamics but as most people think it's impossible, that's the way they live. But if you keep moving forward, expanding feeling, passion and aliveness, then physical immortality is possible. It might even be inevitable.

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James Strole and Bernadeane of People Unlimited are the leading advocates for physical immortality speaking today. They have written 2 books: "Together Forever, An Invitation to Physical Immortality" with Charles Brown, which lays the foundation for unlimited living, and "Living Without Death, The Experience of Physical Immortality", an introduction to the everyday movement that such a living requires.

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